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released June 30, 2014

Recorded by Alex Estrada at Earth Capital
Mastered at Azimuth Mastering



all rights reserved


I'm Glad It's You Redlands, California


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Track Name: Curbside
Take a long last look at everything that means anything to you and me, there's not a thing left to say, just watch it all fade away.

And it's a funny thing, the way it all still runs through me, and if it's all you leave me with, I don't even mind

Just a long last look at everything we were before

Most days and most nights you spend your time trying to hide in the last breaths of the past, pretending to be anything that will distract you from the life that you let go, but I know that it's hard when

Everything reminds you that you're always falling behind,
everything reminds you that you're probably wasting your time, everything reminds you that you can't ever be what you were, but at least you can say

If you didn't stand by me, I'd be alone.

It was the life that I stole from late nights on curb sides and I can't seem to ever get it back
You were my only peace of mind, it left when you left and I can't seem to ever get it back

Please don't let this be the last time that I find you here.
Track Name: Anything But Blue
I took the same long walk home, I passed by old streets and my best memories about you and everyone else that I know and then
The sidewalk crept up to my knees, now I'm stuck looking at a handwritten map of a place I saw in my dreams

I'm still trying to find the way to the brighter side, and when you make it would you send me a postcard or two?
I know that it's sad to see but it's still hard to be anything but blue

I saw at the end of the street, I saw beautiful things, all my hopes and my dreams, go from good, bad, to worse in a moment it seems
And you, you got hung up with me too, now you're carving our names in the pavement and making us permanent residents

And now you too, not you too, I can see the bitter days just creeping up on you

So tell me how you're trying to find the way to the brighter side and when you make it, would you send me a postcard or two?
For myself, and for my friends, and for my family I've tried so hard to change, but it's still hard to be anything but blue

So I'll make it a point to try, to see the brighter side of life, as long as you promise me that you won't leave me today
Track Name: June
Today felt like Christmas more than Christmas day last year
No lights on strings, no caroling, no specials on TV
No disappointed dreams, no failing families
Just peace, sweet peace, in me

What did you want? With all your self pity you didn't really think that it would change anything, and if you didn't know then it just goes to show that feeling sorry is just a waste of time.

This is all I want.
Track Name: Minor Acts of Cannibalism
Sometimes I wish that I could see you staring back inside of me so when I open up my mouth I'd hear your words come pouring out, but I know
the grass is green and I still linger in between who I am and everyone I see

And sometimes, but just sometimes

I wish I could wake up wearing your skin, cause then I would be calm cool and collected and all the things I've never been
I want you to swallow my eyes so I can find out what's inside cause I wanna wear, I wanna wear you out.

But what's the point of raising your own voice just to say, something you don't even really mean anyway
Why is it so sincere, to make yourself appear, so sick with all your heavy doubt when you're doing fine?

What to do when you're sick of being you, when everything you are is something you outgrew?
What to do when i get sick of your life too?
At least it's true that everyone feels like you, at least sometimes.
Track Name: Part of the Act
How long will it take for this year to run me into the ground?
Cause this place steps on me with cadence and beat.
There's just no place like home

I don't have what it takes to keep up with these kinds of movie stars
I'll take a seat next to the door and keep my eyes fixed on the floor, the spotlights all yours.

Is it all just part of the act, that you'd step on everyone else?
Cause you could just be nothing at all and I would still be glad it's you

And as long as you're here, I'm doing fine
As long as it's you, I'm getting better all the time
As long as your sure, I'll change my mind
And as long as it's you, I'll be glad.